My Vlog

For years now I have been wanting to start a YouTube vlog. I have decided that now is that time. I am in my final semester of University, I am only working part-time and I just really want too.

My first attempt of an edited video is already up. This was just me playing around with editing as I have never attempted it before. It is very rough and compiled using footage from a holiday to New York back in 2014. Here it is for you to see:

Hopefully between now and next week I will have found my ideal editing software and will post something new and easier to watch.

My vlog will centre around travel as that is what I am obsessed with. That is what I am studying and hope to gain employment in by the end of my degree. As I can not afford to travel every week like some well-known vloggers on YouTube I will also incorporate vlogs from my local and surrounding areas, as I do live in a tourist destination. I do love to promote the wonderful place I live, Queensland Australia.

Hope you all check out my channel Must Love Travel soon and keep up with my vlogging.

Please leave a comment below if you have any feedback or tips for me about this blog or my vlog.


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