Termite Prevention Ideas

Zero Termite and Pest are passionate family owned and run business, providing free preventative advice against termites and white ants on the Sunshine Coast. When it comes to termite prevention and protecting we use the latest innovations in pest control technology and environmentally safe to use. To help you protect your home and business, Zero Termite and Pest recommend the following; 

Tips for Termite Prevention

  • Remove all timber debris from your property
  • Never store timber against the building
  • Ensure garden beds or heavy foliage are not abutting your house.
  • Plumb your hot water system and air-conditioner over flows away from the  house.
  • Fix all broken drains, storm water pipes and any leaks within the house to avoid unwanted moisture which attracts termites. Be sure to have a Termite Inspection every 12 months

“Termites like to hide in areas where there are high levels of moisture. Keep sub-floor and roof spaces dry and well ventilated. Ensure the adjacent ground surfaces drain away from the building. Avoid the temptation to build up garden beds directly against the external walls, particularly against weatherboards, and keep well clear of sub-floor ventilation grilles or openings” www.lifestyle.com

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All photos supplied by http://zerotermitepest.com.au/   0412 668 845


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